Sunday, June 30, 2013

Careful the Things You Say! Your Digital Legacy

Please play the beautiful Bernadette Peters while you read!
Express myself creatively. Share it on facebook and Twitter.

My dilemma?
I'm an INTROVERT.  As a child and teenager I was painfully shy but.... I could perform in front of a packed theater.  I expressed myself through singing and musical theater.

As an adult I've strayed very far from that lifestyle. Now, as an adult the venues to express myself are endless and the need for this outlet more intense. (The responsibility of raising three boys to the best of your ability will do that to you.)

My dilemma...well.... I'm an introvert AND everything I write will my digital legacy FOREVER!
The pressure!!!!! Yet, the need to create outweighs the fear.

It is my legacy. Everything I post or comment about  my legacy is for for family.
Many years ago before Facebook, Twitter, Reality shows... Stephen Sondheim said it best:

Careful the things you say,
Children will listen.
Careful the things you do,
Children will see.
And learn.

Children may not obey,
But children will listen.
Children will look to you
For which way to turn,
To learn what to be.

Careful before you say,
"Listen to me."
Children will listen

Words and music that have more meaning today than ever!

Yes. Children will listen. We as a society need to take better care of how we present ourselves to the world. So, be careful the things you post, the things you like...100 years from now your great-grandchildren may be searching for what their legacy is. My question is: Will they like what they see?

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boys to Men

Self Sacrifice! It is the plight of a mother. Good mothers give and give until they can give no more. Right? I was raised believing this. One of my favorite books growing up was The Giving Tree. It was so touching and reminded me so much of my mother. The tree that never stopped giving until she no longer had anything left for herself or the boy. Now, as a 38 year old mother of three highly energetic boys, I wonder. No doubt the tree loved the boy but did he ever learn anything from her gestures of giving and self-sacrifice? I think not. Raising healthy boys is not achieved by sacrificing your happiness to help them achieve theirs.
What is this teaching my three young boys? It is teaching them that their happiness is more important than mommy’s. This isn’t so terrible when they are young but fast forward to the teenage years. I envision three boys assuming that mom’s job is to do their dishes, do their laundry, clean their bathrooms, clean their rooms while they lounge on the couch playing video games.
No. My role is to take care of myself which will in turn make my boys better prepared for the world.  It is a fine line. A balancing act. I will teach them to become self sufficient young men by challenging them in and out of our home.  Raising healthy, self-sufficient boys means teaching them how to do their own laundry, wash the dishes, sew a button, balance a check book and change a tire. Their wives and girlfriends will thank me!
So, instead of being left with only a stump and a silly old man as in The Giving Tree my goal is that my boys will become self sufficient MEN.

Disclaimer: While raising boys into good, honest, strong, successful men is my goal , sometimes you
just don't know what the future may hold.